How about your own personal selfie drone?

So, you like drones? Or, you are curious about them? Or, you are worried they will take over the world?

The new DJI Spark is small handheld drone that uses facial recognition and hand signals to identify and receive flight commands. This is awesome! Wave to the left and it goes left. Wave to the right, and it goes right. Make a box with your fingers and it starts taking pictures of you.

Imagine how crowded the air space will be in New York’s Central Park, the Washington DC National Mall, and the Champs de Mars in Paris with everyone releasing their personal drones to take selfies.

The drones will need to be able to talk to each other just like automated cars to keep from running into each other and to stay within their own air space. I foresee many future drone air collisions in the future with law suits.

Check out the video below on the new DJI Spark. I found this on YouTube and I think they did a good job showing off its capabilities.

And, for more cool tech videos check out my Cool Things Tech Playlist on YouTube.


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