Why Amazon Rules Tech

First, Amazon eats its own dog food — they are creating and using new technical solutions in order to improve their business. That is where the genesis of AWS and other Amazon generated technical tools come from. Now they have a whole market of solutions that the world is able to benefit from at a lower cost by gaining economies of scale. This helps not only Amazon of course, but also, the companies that use the Amazon technical solutions. The savings are passed on to everyone involved.

As far as competitive tech/cloud companies go, contrast that with Microsoft. Microsoft is a tech company built and created to sell technical solutions to the user. Yes, AWS does that as well, but the technical solutions are based off the Amazon company. The company is a retailer that has put its fingers in everything from books, news, technology, to groceries and like any good company should do — they spend their time trying to figure out a better way to run their company[ies]. They spend their time creating solutions that will make them more efficient. Amazon has the advantage to learn from the inside and apply their solutions to a myriad of industries. They also empower the users of their technology to generate solutions for them through open source development. They use this to build up their infrastructure, apps, games, technical innovation, store fronts, and companies. They are also willing to take a loss, in order to promote their brand and access to their company and tools. Remember when Amazon increased its Kindle distribution on a global scale? Well, the Amazon Pop-up Loft is another one of their great solutions that provides a cost to them, but benefits everyone.


I recently had the privilege of attending one of the AWS Loft demo days in New York. This helps explain why Amazon is and will continue to rule the world. Downstairs in the Loft were Architects, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Subject Matter Experts, and Developers that work through and teach anyone that signed up — for FREE — mobile application development in Android and iOS using the AWS development environment. The Amazon Mobile solutions also include Xamarin and Unity. The Amazon experts were walking through the use, integration and development of their artificial intelligence (AI) platform such as: the AWS image recognition deep learning solution named Rekognition, and their speech to text and text to speech platforms or the combination of which is more aptly described as conversational interfaces.


Upstairs in the AWS LOFT is a FREE communal space for start ups. Many a start up is up there and creating solutions that use Amazon solutions. Free coffee, food,…etc Also, help is provided. Yes, there is a “Genius” style bar upstairs with AWS architects, developers, and SMEs that can help the start up work through problems and create solutions for their application.

Amazon has embraced the learning and benefits of collective knowledge. If they continue down with this approach, there is no stopping them.

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