Fitbit Ionic Clock Face Series – Scotland

Scotland Park Fitbit Ionic Clock Face

This is the screenshot of the Running the World Scotland clock face built for the Fitbit Ionic

Find the clock face in the Fitbit App Gallery.

Just published the first of a series of new clock faces for the Fitbit Ionic. I am calling the series – “Running the World.” I titled this first clock face simply Scotland. You can find it the Fitbit app store under Running the World – Scotland. It is a photo from a trip to the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Scotland. This place provided a great hike that led to an amazing waterfall. The trail was lined with mirrored human silhouettes which I imagine could be pretty creepy at night.

Mirrored Silhouettes in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

Can you find them? Felt like I was in a Doctor Who episode.

I got some video footage of the waterfall by flying my drone from the base. This required a steady hand since there were zip liners zooming by in the tree tops above. The bridge in the photo was about a hundred meters down stream from the base of the waterfall.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park Drone Flight to the Waterfall

Flew my drone to get some up close waterfall footage at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in Scotland

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