20150825_165007Jim Tunnessen (@techbytesIO)

As a former kid, unruly teen, door-kicking vet, adult, and human, I know how hard it is to adapt and fit in to an ever changing technically advancing society. I have news for you… it is just going to continue. So, it is probably best to try and prepare ourselves for all the advancement. Instead of sitting on the sideline watching it happen, we should get in and direct how it happens.

I (Linkedin profile) am a global technology tinkerer that encourages S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education for all. During the day, I work as a not-so mild mannered technologist enhancing the capabilities of a large international news, media, and entertainment agency. When not at work…not sure when that is…I run, bike, swim, lift, travel, get injured, heal, code, and write.

My favorite programming languages are Ruby, Python, Elixir, and JavaScript. I am pretty vocal in DevOps, Agile development, and cloud technologies. I also develop video games, mobile games, tech tools, and apps for the education and entertainment of myself and sometimes others.

This blog is way for me to be a public smart ass while helping to create a digital community encouraging STEAM development for kids, adults, veterans, and the continuously learning. Please feel free to jump in, comment, question, and contribute.

Let’s have a conversation about technology and how to run with it, not from it.