Facebook and Facial Recognition

It only took the Chinese about 7 minutes to find the BBC reporter trying to hide in China with their countrywide close-circuit camera network and facial recognition in December. What happens when they/anyone have access to a database of billions of people by leveraging Facebook? Data security and data privacy are important. Mark Zuckerberg drops … Continue reading Facebook and Facial Recognition

Good bye voice recognition, Hello mental recognition

The next step after voice recognition is thought recognition? No reason to feel silly talking to your watch or phone in public, soon you may be able to just think your command or question. Granted this initial design looks like Google Glass that is draped around your jaw, but following Moore's Law, I am sure … Continue reading Good bye voice recognition, Hello mental recognition

Business Social Network Best Practices

Think before you post. A good way to look at it – DO NOT POST anything that you do not want your boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss to see. 2) Read coworker posts and see how they are posting. Review how they commonly post and what kind of response they generate. This also sets up an environment for everyone to police each other and themselves.