Phantom Drone Flight over the Potomac River

The other day I took my Phantom Drone out for a spin around the Potomac River. I made quite a few flights thanks to my multiple batteries and thanks to the auto-return function I didn't lose it. During two of the flights, I completely lost where I was 😦 All I can say is thank … Continue reading Phantom Drone Flight over the Potomac River

VIDEO: Creating a Responsive Ruby on Rails App with Bootstrap 3

A responsive web framework provides an application with an adjustable view - it responds to the size of the viewport. So, if you are viewing the app on a phone, a tablet, laptop, or a tv it will properly adjust to the size of the screen maximizing the landscape available to it - you, the developer, are in control and can set the app to show only what you want it to show depending on the screen real estate available to the user.