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Navigate the sea as the minnows’ protector, LaserFish. Grow and protect your school of minnows from the deadly piranha and sharks. Save minnows and collect gems to upgrade your laser.

Are you just another minnow or are you LaserFish?

Tilt your device left, right, forward, and backward to control LaserFish’s swimming.

Collect gems and protect minnows to upgrade your laser gun. Don’t get bit by the piranha or sharks, bites will take away health, and some steal gems. Don’t let them get past you either or they may steal your gems.

Are you a SUPERFISH? Find out what you can do, just don’t get bit. Beware of the piranha, leopard sharks, gray sharks, and the deadly Great White!

  • Instantly playable for all ages.
  • Increase your rate of fire by collecting gems.
  • Beware of the Great White Shark!
  • Classic action arcade game fun for all ages.

Play on Android