Naked Jellyfish


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Catch the Naked Jellyfish! They have gotten out of control and are running rampant around Jellyfish Village. And, as you know, there is nothing harder to catch than a naked jellyfish. We need your help to catch as many of them as fast as you can. It seems that as soon as you catch one another one shows up.

To catch the naked jellyfish all it takes is a tap. Support your local suits by catching these guys, but try not to interfere with the suits’ business at hand. The suits get cranky if you tap them instead. Also, avoid the piranhas, you may lose a finger.

How many can you catch as the clock ticks down? The more you catch the greater the reward. Remember, the faster you catch these naked jellyfish, the higher your score. Time is NOT your friend.

  • Instantly playable for all ages.
  • Earn extra time by collecting the clocks.
  • Classic action arcade game fun for all ages.

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