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US Marines Trivia provides facts and trivia questions about the United States Marine Corps. This is an unofficial USMC app created by a former Marine. This is a great application for Marines, former Marines, poolees, recruits, recruiters, military historians, and military enthusiasts.

Review USMC history from the creation of the Marine Corps in 1775 to current day.
Review the USMC Rank Structure
Do you know your USMC Leadership Traits and Principles?
Know your General Orders, what is the USMC 6th General Order?
Learn the Drill Instructor’s Creed, the Marines’ Prayer, the Rifleman’s Creed, Non-Commissioned Officer Creed, Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Creed, Marines’ Hymn
Be a Marine – Review the Enlistment Oath, Officer’s Oath of Office, USMC Core Values, 14 Leadership Traits, 11 Principles of Leadership, 11 General Orders

The images in the app are from the app creator’s collection or provided using the Creative Commons License.

The images have a menu item that allows you to review them, their titles, and owners. This does not mean that the artists’ endorse this product.

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